Private Coaching


We offer private teaching from the comfort of your own home in post-school hours and weekends. An unique and tailored program will be designed for your child's needs and goals.

Every kid is an individual, and for that reason we offer a free assessment, so we can design a detailed program to guarantee achievement and success into their own needs. 

The assessment will consist of 20 minutes of imaginary and physical play with the pupil (parents are welcome to observe the session), and a 15 minute chat with the parent(s) about the children's needs to support the design of the program.

The assessment is free and has no strings. 


How to enrol my child? 

After the assessment  we will provide you with a  written report of objectives and  plan of action for the pupil. 

If you already did your assessment and decided to go ahead an enrol your child all you need to do is to press the button below and fill the enrolment form, select your payment plan and we are all good to go. We will come to your home once a week on a convenient time for you.  

By enrolling your child you are in agreement with our Terms and Conditions.(You can read our T&C by clicking here)


Pay as You Go | £30 p/half-hour**

Pay per Term   | £270 p/term

Pay Yearly       | £750 p/year

Sibling discount 25% off*

*second child's session must back to back with the first ,and the discount will only be valid if the enrolment of all siblings are made at the same time. Discount not valid on Pay As You Go plan. 

all sessions are half hour long and a payment is required to be made 7 days before booking. 

**Pay per Term and Pay Yearly clients have priority on bookings over Pay  As You Go clients. 

Pay as You Go clients should book their appointments by calling 000000000