FErnando Mariano Business Training and Coaching

Corporate training and coaching. 

Understanding in depth the value of Drama and the Performance Arts in social and professional development Fernando Mariano created an corporate coaching programme designed to help professionals combat stage fear, develop public speaking skills, and networking techniques. 

With a personal and tailored approach to professional development Fernando offers corporate  training to groups and individuals using drama techniques to explore verbal and non-verbal communication skills, tackling issues such as stage fear, articulation, speech clarity, self-confidence and body-language. 

Fernando offers tailored workshops for companies and individual coaching programmes for individuals. 


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The coach...

Fernando is a professional actor, specialized in stage work and some of his  credits in the West End includes work with companies such as the Royal Opera and the English National Opera. 


Private Coaching Program

£70/ per hour

The program may consist of one or more of the following services:


Through play and drama this subject teaches basic communication skills that shapes and trims not only personality traits, but enhances clarity and confidence in expression.
Exploring posture, movement, gesture, articulation and speech clarity this shows to be one of the most rewarding transferable skills within the performance arts. 


One of the most powerful tools in business. Through play Fernando explores techniques to successfully create new connections avoiding social anxiety and bringing naturality to business interactions. 


Being prepared to cause a good impression in a situation that might be life changing is not only precious but the smartest investment in your future. From knowing what to wear to how to come across as trustworthy, smart and well prepared, we can help you to be interview ready for the opportunities that can change your life. 


 In a world where smart phones and celebrity culture scream so loudly at all times, it is important for us to make sure we keep connected to the great thinkers that paved the way for what is created today.  Learning how to chat about culture, music, film, philosophy or even politics intelligently might be a powerful business tool. This programme can teach you how  breakdown cultural assets in an informed and intelligent manner, so you can defend yourself when discussing opera, theatre or a painting in a museum.
You do not need to know history of art to sound interesting, just learning sensibility and how to find your opinion when contemplating an artistic object can be enough to impress. 


From how to combat stage fright to technicalities such as projection and articulation, we will together prepare you to look confident, strong and trustworthy whilst sounding clear, precise and powerful in front an audience. 
Learning how to keep your personality alive, whilst being charming and clear to your audience can be a challenge, when the nerves kick in.
Together we will explore your strengths and use them to dim your weaknesses, whilst making sure your delivery lands with the right rhythm , sound and that your body language transmits trust, leadership and authority. 




Team Building 

Using play, Drama and other creative hands-on techniques we will explore team bonding techniques to explore potential leadership, team structures, and creative solutions in a non-judgemental and relaxed environment. 

Through a series of exercises based on narratives and problems your team might face we will get the group to develop creative solutions and help each other not only to devise new solutions but to strengthen links in a non-competitive but collaborative way.


Communications and Public Speaking

From how to combat stage fright, to technicalities such as projection and articulation, this workshop serve the key points of body language and sound when communicating with an audience. From simple tools such as where to look  when thinking, to more complex themes such as the use gesture  and body language to transmit trustworthiness, this hands-on workshop will explore situations such as meetings, networking and presentations.  

This workshops can be delivered in a three hour session or as a full day event.  

Half - Day | 6 - 49 people - £350 | 50 - 100 people - £500

Full - Day | 6 - 49 people - £650 | 50 - 100 people - £800



Fernando also offers communication coaching to young people, for more information on this please visit Upstage Lab on http://upstagelab.com