Understanding in depth the value of Drama and the Performance Arts in social and human development Fernando Mariano created an educational program called Upstage Lab. A program dedicated to teach young people social, human and cultural skills that shape a strong base for a stronger future. 

What do we do at Upstage Lab?

At Upstage Lab, Fernando and his team of  hand-picked stage-professionals teach young people essential life skills such as  communication and body awareness through drama and movement techniques. 

Using creative play,  embodiment and body/space theory; combined with internationally recognised syllabuses of educational, social and artistic development such as LAMDA and LABAN; Upstage Lab teaches children and teens not only artistic technique and cultural values, but it develops in youngsters essential skills such as posture, articulation, self-confidence, speech clarity, body awareness and mindfulness in parallel to cultural enhancement and a deeper understanding of Art and culture.  

All that in a bag full of fun!